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The Items you will find within these pages are a no-nonsense approach to Surviving Better. We understand the need for visual appeal, and also the need for function. Paracord products help to achieve these goals. With the constant uncertainty in the world we live in, many people are beginning to seriously think about survival. We feel that Self Defense is a KEY part of SURVIVAL. These are the basic driving factors for the products you will find here.

All of the Paracord used is AMERICAN MADE. The Paracord products are all HAND MADE.
The cord used is 550 Paracord Parachute Cord. 550 Paracord has a Minimum Break Strength of 550 pounds. Thus the name. Depending on which Manufacturer you will find the outer sheathing has a minimum break strength of between 200-305 pounds and each of the 7 inner cords has a minimum break strength of 35-50 pounds. Example: outer sheath 300Lbs + inner strands (36 lbs x 7strands) 250 lbs. These numbers vary a little from manufacturer to manufacturer, but all add up to about 550 pounds.

Paracord has MANY uses, both for Survival and for everyday life. It does not rot or mildew. You never know when you may need some. A short list of uses would include:

Building a Shelter

Securing Equipment

Repairing Equipment

Vehicle Tie downs

Clothes Line

Hanging food out of animals reach


Cord for a Firebow



Tarp Ridgline

Fish Stringer

Floss for your Teeth (inner cords)

Animal Snares (inner cords)

People Snares (whole cord)

Animal Leashes

Animal Collars



Guy Lines

Tie Downs

Many various Braidings



Rifle Slings

Trail Markers

Trip Lines

Warning signal lines

Building Rafts

Make Netting

Emergency tow rope (snow mobiles, 4-wheelers)

Tie yourself into a tree if you have to sleep off the ground

Line for Anchor

Hammock making

Key Chains

Zipper Pulls

Tying up people you dont like

Tying up people you really like

It is an integral part of any bug out bag and so light weight to wear

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