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Survival Products

Survival Gear
Paracord Survival/Camping Grenade

Paracord Survival/Camping Grenade

Basic Survival/Camping Kit -Refillable. Small enough to keep in your glovebox.

Galvanized Steel Carabiner

15' 550 Paracord


Plastic Bottle

Fishing Bobber

P-51 Millitary Style Can Opener

10' Fishing Line

2 Fish Hooks

2 Sinkers

Cotton Ball With Petroleum Jelly


25.00 $ Add
The Bomb

The Bomb

1 complete deluxe Gernade (see below for contents)

1 qt. stainless Steel container with lid

handmade 550 paracord Cargo Net with Carabiner

2 Mylar Rescue blankets

LED Flashlight

First Aid -Zipper Pouch

20 Assorted Bandage's

Roll Paper Surgical Tape

2 0.5g Packets Tripple Antibiotic

Roll Gauze


65.00 $ Add
Deluxe Paraocrd Camping/Survival Grenade

Deluxe Paraocrd Camping/Survival Grenade

More In-Depth Survival Kit - Refillable. Clip it on your belt loop or backpack.

30 ft. 550 Paracord

Galvanized Steel Caraviner

Plastic Bottle

30 Ft. Fish line

Liqued Filled Ball Compass

Sterile Carbon Steel Scaple Blade

Bag of Fine Magnesium Shavings

2 Cotton Balls

5 g pack Petroleum Jelly

P-51 Millitary Style Can Opener


2 Sinkers

3 Fish Hooks

Painted Jig Head


Scraper with Lanyard

4 Aqua Tabs

4" x 6" Aluminum Foil

40.00 $ Add


Firesteel woven inside Key fob with Galvanized Steel Carabiner, Scraper and Split ring. A Firestarter that is easy to carry anywhere.

Fish N Fire paracord
1- $10
3- $25

10.00 $ Add
Magnesium Shavings

Magnesium Shavings

Magnesium is a highly flammable metal, especially when powdered or shaved into thin strips. Flame temperatures of magnesium and magnesium alloys can reach 3,100 °C (3,370 K; 5,610 °F) Once ignited, it is difficult to extinguish, being able to burn in water (forming magnesium oxide and hydrogen)

2.00 $ Add
Fire Tube

Fire Tube

Fine Magnesium Shavings

2 Cotton balls



Petroleum Jelly

Clear Water tight -Re-sealable Tube

7.00 $ Add
Mylar Rescue Blanket

Mylar Rescue Blanket

Specially Designed 52" x 84"
Emergency Rescue / Survival Blanket Provides Compact Secure Protection In All Weather Conditions.
Consistently Retains and Reflects 90% of Body Heat

2.00 $ Add
First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

A must for every one. keep one in the house, one in the car and take one with you. Great for gifts also.

1 - Zippered Nylon First Aide pouch

1 - 2in x 5yd Gauze Roll

2 - 2in x 3in Adhesive pads

1 - 2.76in x 4in Dressing Bandage

2 - 2in x 2in Gauze Pads

5 - 3in x .75in Adhesive Bandages

1 - .5g Triple Antibiotic

1 - 5g Petroleum Jelly

5.00 $ Add
Make Your Own Camping/Survival Kit

Make Your Own Camping/Survival Kit

Start with a 1 1/4 qt. Stainless Steel Container and Lid with a Cargo Style Net made of American Made 550 Paracord and a Galvanized Steel Carabiner.
See what you can put together that makes sense to YOU. Only YOU know what your skill set is and what you can make use of. YOU are most likely to know what kind of enviroment you may need to survive in as you are the one to choose where you travel/live. This container is slightly larger than our BOMB so maybe you can pack for 2 people. The Stainless Steel container allows you to carry Water, Boil Water, Cook if needed, Keep things DRY. The Cargo Net is great for carrying the container or other things and is more than 20 foot of American Made 550 Paracord that has so many life saving uses. The Galvanized Steel Carabiner makes is easy to clip on your belt or pack and also has many Survival Uses. Where will you go from here?

20.00 $ Add
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